Final Hour Zine (Pre-Order)Final Hour Zine (Pre-Order)Final Hour Zine (Pre-Order)Final Hour Zine (Pre-Order)
Two young adults are unconscious, wake up and find out they are abducted, stripped naked, and left in an unfamiliar area. They explore their surroundings to try to find where they are. The conclusion is that they have been killed and are repatriated to their origin of being members of BTS and abducted by fans. During the abduction they became unconscious and lived through separate lives in another realm of death. This is a pre-order, and will be shipped in December 2023.
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Vacation Connection — A Travel Agency taking you to the promise land through wearable and printed materials. Information displayed through text and items have been created in New York City. Resources in the form of words, photographs, and physical materials have been collected globally.